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Look at Pros of Debt Consolidation for Payday Loans

    1. Compare debt consolidation and payday loans
    2. What to consider when repaying payday loans

Current average borrower from United States is much more likely to face borrowing constraints and difficulties with outstanding unsecured debt repayment mainly due the effects and aftermath of the economic crisis. Unites States has the largest number of heavily indebted borrower comparing with Europe and Asia-Pacific.


One of the main reasons is that the borrower in United States has experienced extremely favourable borrowing condition over many years, which has led to high numbers of accumulated debts by the average American population. Many of the borrowers are currently considering to get involve in debt consolidation by means of a variety of financial options available in the market. One of them is finding way of how to get out of payday loan debt, which was a popular way of emergency funding for some borrowers.


The main problem with payday loans is that they possess similar features, terms and conditions as very cash advance loans with extremely high interest rates. Even though it is relatively easy to receive payday loans, there is a high probability that your debt situation is likely to deteriorate rather than to improve as a result of payday loans. Nevertheless, debt consolidation and payday loans go hand in hand, since there is tendency of borrowers to participate in debt consolidation in order to repay payday loans as a way of reducing monthly interest repayments. First steps in arranging debt consolidation would be organising a plan that would target your debt management.


Consolidated Debt versus Payday Loans



Graph 1: Comparing Consolidated Debt versus Payday Loans on the basis of four factors



The plan would include detailed steps of how to get out of payday loan debt in the shortest period of time. The key aspect of such analysis is to calculate what is more advantageous to your as for the borrower – the new consolidated debt or the aggregated amount of different unsecured debts such as payday loans, credit card overdrafts, personal loans, etc.


You should perform your analysis by means of applying several factors such as timing (how long the repayment of new consolidated debt would take comparing to your current repayment schedule), monthly interest repayments (would new monthly interest payments from your consolidated debt be lower than the weighted average repayments of a variety of current debts outstanding) and your priorities as a borrower (what is more important to you on a priority scale). Usually, consolidated debt would beat the payday loan debt on at least two of the factors mentioned above, which makes it very attractive to the borrowers.


When you compare debt consolidation and payday loan, do not forget to include the possibility of potential late-payment fees and penalties in your analysis, which you would be likely to incur if you fail on commitment to pay high monthly interests of payday loans. Moreover, think about such general threats of your wellbeing as being threatened by the creditors and chased on daily basis. This may sound not as serious now, yet, it could be very stressful at the actual time when you fall behind your payments and some of your personal possession could be at risk of repossession by creditors.


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