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The Meaning of Mortgage Debt Relief Act

    1. Do I qualify for Mortgage Debt Relief Act
    2. What Mortgage Debt Relief Act means for me

Many borrowers who get are considering debt renegotiation, settlement or cancellation in United Stated should be aware of certain tax implications that arise as a result of such activities. According to law of the United States, the difference between the original amount of debt and the new amount of debt that resulted from debt negotiation, settlement or cancellation is subject to tax law since it is considered as a form of income, rather than debt.


In 2007 the taxation of such amount became a subject to Mortgage debt relief act, which allows American citizens to receive a relief from tax over the amount of reduced debt if it is related to mortgage. In other words, the taxpayers are allowed not include the reduced amount of debt in their tax bill, if it occurred as a result of remortgaging or other financial activities leading to the reduction of debt.


Mortgage debt relief act covers only the period of five years when it can be enforced and has a legal power, meaning from 2007 to 2012. There is a total amount of USD 2,000,000 allowed to be applied as a part of an exclusion from total amount of taxable income. If you are interested in more specific details, more information is presented in Publication 4681 of Internal Revenue Service of United States Department of Treasury. In order to give you clearer picture of how you can file for tax exemption under deft relief and mortgage programme, let us give you the following example. You as a borrower have incurred $100,000 of debt as a part of your mortgage arrangement.


When the financial crisis has hit American economy, you have found yourself in the difficulty to stick to your financial commitments and defaulted on total debt amount. Even though you have already repaid approximately 20% of your loan, you still default on average of USD 80,000 of total loan. If you manage to persuade the financial mortgage provider to forgive you this amount, this would be considered as form of debt cancellation and would be a subject to tax under United States legislation.



Video 1: Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007




It is important to mention that you would be excluded from tax payment if you are covered by the debt relief and mortgage scheme called Mortgage debt relief act issued in 2007. The majority of American citizens who have received mortgage up to 2007 and failed on their payments are subject to this debt mortgage relief. The scheme has been developed in order to protect an average mortgage borrower such as homeowner and not to allow an intense deterioration of economy.


This is especially topical nowadays, when many of the homeowners are failing on their mortgage payments and up to 2007 would be required to pay significant amount of tax on the amounts of debt cancelled. There are some other instances when tax is not payable on the amount of debt forgiven such as filing for bankruptcy and insolvency. Additionally some of the loans issued to the agricultural sector are eligible for the tax relief.


So if you are considering debt cancellation, debt relief and mortgage scheme could save you a significant amount of tax. Thus, make sure that you have carefully studied all options available to you under this scheme.


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