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Best Ways to Settle Personal Credit Card Debts

    1. Ways to eliminate credit card legally
    2. Steps in reducing your credit card debts yourself

Over the last six years the number of borrowers who have lost their property as a result of inability to repay their credit card debt significantly increased in United States. It is well known that United States remains one of the most indebted countries with the consumers who finance their needs by extensive borrowings. According to credit card research in America, almost 60% of population use credit cards as a standard mean of every day financing.


This means that the average credit card debt per person amounts approximately to staggering USD16,660. This amount represents a pure outstanding loan balance that is carried out on a monthly basis. Assuming that the average credit card interest rate is roughly 18-20%, an average American has been heavily indebted on a continuous basis over the last six years.


High credit cards debt levels are fine while the economy is booming and the borrower has sustained means of repaying his or her monthly interest payment. Yet, when the borrower is faced with unexpected circumstances such as job loss, it is very easy to default on the credit card payments and lose major assets to repossession of credit card companies. It is wise to think about the procedures for credit card debt elimination in due time when it is still not too late reduce the credit exposure.


So if I have a significant chunk of credit debts on my balance sheet, how can I eliminate my credit card debt legally? There are several ways to do it. This article talks about the ways how you can settle your own credit card debt yourself without getting involved in hiring third party, who would do debt arbitration on your behalf through court. First one is to take my financial planning under scrupulous control. This means learning about how much APR I pay monthly on each of my credit card debts and calculating total monthly repayment and average APR. Many online tools can help me in my analysis offering a variety of services of how to plan and structure my financial planning.


Second step is to explore whether there are cheaper means of funding available in the market. One of them is likely to be consolidated debt. Consolidated debt is one form of long-term loan which usually is secured against a house and, thus, offers better terms and conditions for the borrower. The interest rates are usually lower simply because the consolidated loan leverages on the collateral of a large value. Debt consolidation is often considered one of the top ways to eliminate credit card debt as it repays all credit debts at once improving credit history and helping me to plan the repayment only of one loan instead of several with different APRs.


Finally, I would calculate my income-to-debt ratio, which is simply my total monthly income divided by the monthly debt repayments. It is wise to include cash expected to be generated from any potential asset sale and use it against the repayment of the principal. Reducing the principal would also help me to reduce the monthly interest payments as the interest would be applied to smaller principal.


If you find  above procedures for credit card debt elimination to be rather complicated, there is often free financial advice available online from different sources as well as different minimum credit card monthly payment calculators to help you calculate monthly exposure and come up with the best way to eliminate your credit card debt.


Monthly Payment Calculator


Graph 1: Minimum Monthly Payment Calculator


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