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Financial Services for Student who Wish to Consolidate Debts

    1. Financial Services that work with student to reduce debt
    2. Consolidated Debt Scheme for Student Consolidated Lending

Financial world crisis has affected all social classes and sectors of economy including students in United States. According to recent news, Sallie Mae has decided to toughen the condition of student lending reducing the number of loans backed by the government. Considering that Sallie Mae is the largest provider of student loans in United States, many students would need to search for the alternative means of financing elsewhere.


This is when help of different financial service providers would be especially demanded. A variety of financial services in United States would work with student loan provider to reduce debt via variety of schemes and financial planning structures. One of them is debt consolidation scheme, which allows student to repay the entire college loan by means of arranging other long-term loan with different terms and conditions.


Unfortunately, following the announcement of Sallie Mae in 2008, Reston Company, who used to consolidate significant college loans in United States in the past, also stated that it would stop the provision of any consolidate loans to students. Moreover, according to research of Sallie Mae almost 30% of companies that were in student lending and debt consolidation business for student were refocusing and withdrawing from student lending business.


This made it even more problematic for students to refinance their college loans into debts that have more advantageous terms and conditions such as consolidated debts. The lack of supply urged the creation of extra supply of financial service advisors who work with student loan provider to reduce debt. Their services cover extensive negotiation with the original loan provider to provide students with consolidated loans of longer maturity. Needless to say, that there is financial advisors are anxious about the deterioration of student lending market, since it can have more significant consequences and implications in the future. 


Consolidated Debt Scheme for Student


Graph 1: Consolidated Debt Scheme for Student Consolidated Lending


Federal loan programme has always been crucial for the student lending system in United States, since it acted as blood for entire college debt body making it flow and develop. Unfortunately, now students are facing complications of their financial future and more often than not seek advice from external advisors and financial counsellors, whose main task is to fine suitable financing alternatives for the graduates with large debt burden. The advisors would guide the student how to find best interest rates for private consolidated loans and how to improve their credit history via debt consolidation.


Consolidation market for student loans in United States reached total market value of approximately USD 50 billion over the last years. Nowadays, due to the impact of financial crisis, the success of obtaining consolidating loan for a student very much depends on the ability of the financial advisor to negotiate on behalf of a student advantageous terms and conditions with the original debt provider and being able to lock a favourable interest rate on a consolidated loan.


Some optimists believe that debt consolidation market in United States will very soon back on track as it is provides fundamental basis for the lending system in United States after mortgages. Education is still considered to be the second largest life-time investment for many individuals and, thus, remains a great source of revenues for college debt providers.


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